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Apartments for longer stay

Welcome to Ariadne & Theseus

According to greek mythology, Theseus traveled to Crete to kill Minotaurus, the monster that was eating people.  However, King Minos’ daughter and princess of Crete Ariadne fell in love with Theseus at first sight and promised to help him beat the monster. Theseus managed to kill Minotaurus and escape from the labirynth using Ariadne's rope Mitos. Then they left together to live in Naxos island where Theseus built a palace for her on the district of “Palatia” next to the port of the island... Today you can see the ruins of the palace and the big door of it, Portara...

So, If your destination is the mythic island of Naxos and you really need to feel the central Naxos' hospitality, Ariadne & Theseus aparthments is the ideal accommodation for you and your family or friends! Both include all you need for a comfortable longer stay in Naxos! 

Ariadne & Theseus are two fully renovated apartments which are located in 5 minute walk from Naxos center.

 central Naxos' hospitality

 feel the




The apartment is spacious and can accommodate up to 5 people. Enjoy the comfortable bedroom with the king sized bed and the anatomic mattress. Also you have the opportunity to prepare your meals in the fully equipped kitchen! Enjoy your morning coffee in the private balcony!



The apartment is spacious and can accommodate up to 4 people. It has a comfortable separate bedroom with a king sized bed and an anatomic mattress. You can, also, prepare your meals in the fully equipped kitchen. Enjoy a drink at the balkony!

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